Fcase edible collagen casings are a brand new product on the market. Work on production technology led to the development of casings that answer manufacturers requirements. Efficiency and cost reduction are the most important needs of each manufacturer of sausages. Fcase casings are mainly intended for the meat industry, for the small and medium diameter products, which shall be consumed together with the casing. A stable calibre combined with strength and elasticity allows for production in all types of stuffing machines. Fcase casings eliminate unnecessary steps in the production process and guarantee repeatable weight and appearance of any meat product.

Types of casings:

JK – for steamed, smoked and dried sausages, such as kabanos/cabanossi. Very good mechanical properties makes it ideal for the production of sausages with a high content of large pieces of meat.

JP- for cooked or cooked and smoked non-dried products, such as frankfurters, wieners, hot-dogs. While eating the sausage, the casing is very delicate and not perceptible. Processed products may later be eaten cold, heated in warm water or grilled by the consumer.

JF- for raw, unprocessed sausages, dried or intended to be grilled, fried or subjected to high-temperature. Thanks to its properties, the casing adheres perfectly to the stuffing, ideally blending with the finished products.

Available calibres:
Ø16, Ø17, Ø18, Ø19, Ø20, Ø21, Ø22, Ø23, Ø24, Ø25, Ø26, Ø27, Ø28, Ø29, Ø30, Ø31, Ø32, Ø33, Ø35, Ø36, Ø38, Ø40, Ø45, Ø50 mm

Casings colours:

CNA natural
CS0 caramel
C02 onion
C03 mahogany
CS1 light caramel
CS2 medium caramel
C01 apricot
C08 salmon
C15 black
C16 amber
C18 light salmon

Our company is currently developing new casing colours. You may obtain information on available colours from our Sales Team or from our Partners.

End types:

M00 Open end

MZ4 Closed end with a knot

MZ5 Closed end with a twist


Fcase edible casings are sold in the form of shirred sticks. Ready to use immediately when removed from the package. The casings are packed in caddies, which are secured with foil and then packed in a bulk carton.

Catalog: Edible collagen casings

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